Parliament to set out its economic, social and single market priorities for 2017 

The EU's economic, social and single market priorities for 2017 will be the focus of a debate with the EU Commission on “European Semester” economic policy coordination on Tuesday. MEPs are expected to comment on the implementation and social repercussions of the Stability and Growth Pact, and to urge member states to do more to exploit the single market’s economic potential. They are to vote three separate resolutions on these issues on Wednesday.

MEPs will probably welcome the European Commission’s Annual Growth Survey for 2017, which reaffirms the strategy of private and public investment, balanced structural reforms and responsible public finances. They will also urge member states to act on country-specific recommendations, so as to deliver on growth and jobs.

Procedure:  non-legislative resolutions

2016/2306(INI)- annual growth survey 2017

2016/2307(INI) - employment and social aspects

2016/2248(INI) - single market goverance

Debate: Tuesday, 14 February

Vote:  Wednesday, 15 February