Horses: MEPs want tougher penalties for mistreatment 

People who mistreat or abandon horses should face tougher penalties, says a draft resolution to be debated on Monday and voted on Tuesday. MEPs are also set to call for measures to educate owners better on animal husbandry, improve food safety and help the sector increase its revenues.

The draft non-legislative resolution, tabled by the Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, also calls on the EU Commission to come up with a proposal to cut journey time limits for horses destined for slaughter.


The EU has about 7 million equidae, used in areas including transport, tourism, sports, education, research, forestry and agriculture. The equid sector is worth over €100 billion per annum within the EU. (A) Five to seven equidae create one full-time job in economically vulnerable rural areas.

Equid abandonment has increased since 2008 in western member states, especially where horses have become expensive luxuries, constituting a major financial burden rather than a source of income.

Equidae are the most transported animals in Europe in proportion to their population.

Debate:  Monday, 13 March

Vote:  Tuesday, 14 March

Procedure:  Non-legislative resolution