Migration: MEPs to call for multilateral measures 

Multilateral measures are urgently needed to manage the unprecedented numbers of migrants on the move worldwide, and not least to halt migrant deaths in the Mediterranean, MEPs will urge in a resolution to be debated on Tuesday and voted on Wednesday.

The draft text calls for a “multilateral governance regime” for international migration, increased cooperation between EU, UN specialised bodies, development banks and other players, and European Parliament involvement in concluding “migration compacts” with third countries. It also backs the UN “Together” campaign to combat negative perceptions and attitudes towards refugees and migrants. 

In 2015 a record high number of 65.3 million people – including 40.8 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 21.3 million refugees – remained forcibly displaced by conflicts, violence, human rights violations, violations of international humanitarian law and destabilisation, according to UNHCR.

Debate: Tuesday, 4 April

Vote: Wednesday, 5 April

Procedure: Non legislative resolution