EU-US data transfers: insufficient protection against passing on personal data 

EU-US “Privacy Shield” for data transfers made for commercial purposes must respect EU personal data protection, law as laid down in the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights and new data protection rules, MEPs say in a draft resolution ahead of the first annual review of the framework expected this summer.

Concerns remain about the use of bulk data for national security purposes, access to judicial redress for EU citizens and the independence of the US Ombudsperson mechanism, among other issues, say MEPs.

MEPs are also alarmed by recent revelations about surveillance activities conducted by a US electronic service provider and new rules allowing the US National Security Agency to share vast amounts of private data gathered without warrant, court orders or congressional authorisation with other agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Debate:  Wednesday, 5 April

Vote:  Thursday, 6 April

Procedure:  Non-legislative resolution

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