Digital Europe: Sharing economy and the role of online platforms 

The challenges of the “collaborative” or “sharing” economy, including fair competition, workers’ rights and tax compliance, and the role of online platforms in fighting the spread of fake news, are addressed in two separate, non-binding resolutions to be discussed on Wednesday and put to the vote on Thursday.

Ensuring fair competition between traditional business sectors and the new collaborative business models (e.g. Uber, Airbnb), a high level of consumer protection, workers’ rights and tax compliance are among the recommendations made to improve the collaborative economy.

In a separate resolution, MEPs address the role of online platforms in fighting fake news, defending citizens’ privacy rights and ensuring fair competition, among other topics.

Procedure: Non-legislative resolutions

2017/2003(INI) / 2016/2276(INI)

Debate:  Wednesday, 14 June

Vote:  Thursday 15 June

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