Other topics on the agenda 

Other topics for debate and vote include the following:

  • Statelessness South and South East Asia, debate Mon, vote Tue, Amjad Bashir. INI
  • State of play Sustainability Compact in Bangladesh, vote Wed
  • Refoundation Europa based on values, etc, topical, debate Wed
  • Taxation of ports, Debate Wed, Commission statement
  • Cross-border mergers and divisions, vote Tue, Gasbarra, INI
  • Status of fish stocks and socio-economic situation of the fishing sector in the Mediterranean, debate Mon, vote Tue, Affronte
  • Cost effectiveness 7th research programme, debate Mon, vote Tue, Dlabajová, Ayala Sender
  • Assessment Horizon 2020 (INI)/ PRIMA - innovation in Med (COD), debate Mon, vote Tue, Cabezón Ruiz