Shaping EU’s post-2020 cohesion policy  

An adequate budget, synergies between funds and simplification could improve EU’s post-2020 cohesion policy aimed at reducing regional disparities.

MEPs will stress that, although the existing cohesion policy has mitigated the impact of the recent economic crisis and that of the austerity measures, regional disparities and social inequalities remain high. They will call for consolidated action in the post‑2020 cohesion policy to reduce these disparities, and to prevent new ones from developing in all types of regions.

In a separate resolution to be jointly debated on Monday and put to the vote on Tuesday, MEPs will propose ways to increase the visibility of EU cohesion policy, as one of the most recent Eurobarometer studies revealed that only one third of EU citizens are aware of the positive impact of EU investments in the regions where they live.

For more information on the funds received by each member state click on the interactive map (EU Commission website)

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Procedure:  non-legislative resolutions

2016/2326(INI), 2016/2304(INI)

2016/2326(INI) - Building blocks for a post-2020 EU cohesion policy

2016/2304(INI)- European Structural and Investment Funds

Debate: Monday 12 June 

Vote:  Tuesday 13 June

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