Private security companies need to be more accountable 

Minimum requirements on screening staff, accountability and reporting misconduct should become a norm for private security companies, MEPs are to recommend on Tuesday.

The draft resolution advocates EU-wide rules on private security companies and a list of firms complying with EU standards on transparency and holding clean criminal records. MEPs also want to limit their operations to logistical support and protection tasks, avoiding military combat responsibilities.

Quick facts


The EU numbers some 40 000 private security companies, employing more than 1.5 million people and supplying services that range from logistical support, running prisons or providing protection, to combat support and supplying military technology (2013 figures). They are also used to guard EU delegations in countries outside the EU and provide security for the premises of EU missions and operations.

Procedure: Own-initiative resolutions


Debates: Monday, 3 July

Votes: Tuesday, 4 July