Other topics on the agenda 

Other topics for debate and vote include the following:

  • Addressing human rights violations in the context of war crimes, and crimes against humanity, including genocide, debate Monday, vote Tuesday, Preda
  • The role of fisheries-related tourism in the diversification of fisheries, debate Monday, vote Tuesday, Briano
  • EU-Kosovo Framework Agreement on the general principles for the participation of Kosovo in Union programmes, vote Tuesday, Lunacek
  • Building an ambitious EU industrial strategy as a strategic priority for growth, employment and innovation in Europe,  vote Wednesday
  • Promoting cohesion and development in the outermost regions of the EU, debate Wednesday, vote Thursday, Omarjee
  • Common minimum standards of civil procedure, debate Wednesday, vote Thursday, Radev
  • Double taxation dispute resolution mechanisms in the EU, debate Wednesday, vote Thursday, Theurer
  • Towards a pan-European covered bonds framework, debate Monday, vote Tuesday, Lucke
  • Working Conditions and precarious employment, debate Monday, vote Tuesday, Sylikiotis
  • EU defence plan and the future of Europe, topical debate, Tuesday