HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C epidemics on the rise  

HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C epidemics should be tackled better at EU level with long-term programmes, say MEPs

There are not only health benefits, but also potential synergies and savings in taking action at EU level, given that all three infections require long-term and sustained programmes. Therefore EU plans need to be updated where they exist and new ones set up where necessary, say MEPs in an oral question to the Commission to be debated on Monday. They will adopt a resolution on Wednesday.

In 2015, almost 30 000 new HIV infections were reported by the 31 EU/EEA countries. An estimated 120 000 people in Europe developed Multi-Drug Resistant TB. Viral hepatitis (HCV) is one of the most serious public health threats globally.

MEPs therefore want the European Commission to come up with proposals in response to the agreement between EU Health Ministers in Bratislava on 4 October on the need to develop a policy framework on HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis C.

Procedure:  Oral question to the Commission with resolution


Debate:  Monday, 3 July

Vote:  Wednesday, 5 July