Aviation emissions: MEPs to back ETS exemption for intercontinental flights 

With a worldwide scheme to offset CO2 emissions in air transport pending, MEPs will vote on Wednesday to extend an exemption from paying for emissions on intercontinental flights.

MEPs want the exemption to end on 31 December 2020, however. From 2021 onwards, the aviation sector should receive only 50 % of its ETS (Emissions Trading System) allowances for free, say MEPs, against 85 % as it stands today.

The Environment Committee also wants EU member states to earmark the revenue generated by auctioning emissions allowances for climate change policies.

Quick facts

Aviation accounts for approximately 2.1 % of global CO2 emissions. International flights account for around 1.3 % of emissions. With the anticipated growth in air traffic, emissions in 2050 are expected to be seven to ten times higher than in 1990, according to ICAO projections. In the EU, direct CO2 emissions from aviation account for about 3 % of total emissions.

Procedure:  ordinary legislative procedure


Debate: Monday, 11 September

Vote:  Wednesday, 13 September