EU to boost trade with Iceland 

Two agreements aiming to increase trade in agricultural products between the EU and Iceland will be put to a vote on Tuesday.

Almost 90 % of EU agricultural products would have duty-free access to the Icelandic market, if MEPs endorse a deal to further liberalise trade flows. The EU would benefit from increased quotas, in particular for cheese, beef, pig meat and poultry, whereas Iceland will gain additional access to the market for its skyr (a special dairy product) exports. Under a separate agreement, the EU secured protection for its geographical indications (certain products possessing qualities and a reputation due to their geographical origin) for food and drinks sold in Iceland.

In 2015, EU agricultural exports to Iceland were worth EUR 290 million, while the value of imports reached EUR 44 million. The main EU export products are fruit, vegetables and cereals. Imports from Iceland are chiefly seaweed and algae, sheep meat, live horses and fur skins.

Procedure: Consent  

Procedure Code: 2016/0293(NLE) 2016/0252(NLE)

2016/0293(NLE) - additional trade preferences in agricultural products

2016/0252(NLE) - protection of geographical indications

Vote:  Tuesday, 12 September