MEPs may oppose plan to relax radioactivity checks on food from around Fukushima  

MEPs fear that the proposal could lead to an increase in exposure to radioactively contaminated food.

MEPs are set to call on the EU Commission to drop plans to relax radioactive contamination checks on EU imports of certain foodstuffs harvested near Japan’s Fukushima power plant. The resolution will be voted on Wednesday.

Radioactivity checks are currently mandatory for food imports from twelve Japanese prefectures, all of which were exposed to radioactive fallout from the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant in 2011.

However, the plans would, without justification, allow foods such as rice, certain fish and molluscs from the Fukushima region to be imported into the EU without checks,  sampling or analysis.

Procedure:  non-legislative resolution (objection)

Vote:  Wednesday, 13 September