Eggs scandal: speeding up EU-wide warnings on food risks  

MEPs will quiz the Commission and the Council on measures taken so far to ensure food safety and discuss how to improve the functioning of the EU’s rapid alert system for food and feed and restore consumer trust in EU egg products.

Parliament's Agriculture Committee discussed the eggs scandal with the Commission on 31 August. Many MEPs stressed during the debate that the EU needs faster information exchange on food safety risks and stricter sanctions against fraudsters.

Quick Facts

Fipronil, an insecticide used among other things to kill fleas and mites, is classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as moderately hazardous. Its use in the EU is prohibited for all food-producing animals.

The illegal use of Fipronil on poultry farms was first reported to the European Commission through the EU’s rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF) on 20 July. Most of these farms were located in the Netherlands and Belgium. Millions of chicken eggs have already been withdrawn from the EU market.

Procedure: Council and Commission statements (no resolution)

Debate: Tuesday, 12 September