COP23: MEPs to press EU to ratchet up its climate goals  

The EU should have zero emissions by 2050 and should put a strategy in place before the end of next year to achieve this.

A resolution to be put to the vote on Wednesday sets out recommendations to EU institutions and countries for the November COP23 meeting in Bonn. MEPs call on EU leaders to give effect to the agreement in EU law, ratchet up the EU’s climate protection goals and upgrade its environment policy instruments.

As all UNFCCC parties must state their long-term targets by 2020, MEPs also call on the EU Commission to prepare a mid-century zero emissions strategy for the EU by 2018, with the aim of keeping the temperature increase well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C.

Procedure:  Oral question to Council and the Commission, with resolution


Debate:  Tuesday 3 October   

Vote:  Wednesday 4 October

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