Endocrine disruptors in pesticides: Calls to veto Commission proposal 

MEPs will vote on Wednesday on an EU Commission proposal which would exempt some chemicals from the scope of criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors in pesticides and biocides.

The draft text from the Environment Committee says that the Commission has exceeded its mandate by proposing to exempt some substances, such as pesticides deliberately designed to attack a target organism’s endocrine system, from the scope of scientific criteria for identifying endocrine disrupters.

Under existing EU legislation, an active substance shall only be approved if it is not considered to have endocrine disrupting properties on non-target organisms.



Identifying endocrine disrupting properties of chemical substances through scientific criteria is a first step to reduce exposure.


A UNEP/WHO report called endocrine disruptors a “global threat”, referring inter alia to the upward trends in many endocrine-related disorders in humans and wildlife populations. There is evidence of adverse reproductive outcomes (infertility, cancers, malformations) from exposure to the substances, which could also affect thyroid function, brain function, obesity, metabolism, insulin and glucose homeostasis, it says.

Procedure:  legislative resolution

Vote:  Wednesday, 4 October