Posted workers: EP ready for negotiations with member states 

Parliament will be ready to start talks with EU governments on the revised rules on the posting of workers, as MEPs are expected to back the negotiating mandate in plenary.

The reform of the rules will ensure better protection of posted workers and fair competition for companies. EP's draft negotiating mandate, to be tabled for plenary by the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, is based on the principle that the same work in the same workplace should be remunerated in the same manner.

The main changes include remuneration of posted workers, duration of the posting, collective agreements and temporary agency workers.

If there are no objections at next week’s plenary, the Parliament can start negotiations with the Council, which has yet to agree its position.


Quick Facts

A posted worker is an employee who is sent by his or her employer to carry out a service in another EU member state on a temporary basis. In 2015 there were 2.05 million posted workers in the EU.

Poland, Germany and France send the highest number of posted workers, while Germany, France and Belgium receive the highest number of posted workers. 

Procedure:  Ordinary legislative procedure