Confirmation vote on seven new members of Court of Auditors  

Budgetary Control Committee MEPs already delivered a favourable opinion on the Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese and Bulgarian candidates in secret ballots, while refusing to endorse Mr Karel Pinxten from Belgium. Apart from the Finn all candidates already hold a CoA mandate and are seeking its renewal.

If the full house adopts an unfavourable opinion on any of the candidates, the Council will be asked to withdraw the nomination and to submit a new candidate to Parliament.

The European Court of Auditors has 28 members, one from each EU member state. They are appointed for a renewable term of six years. The Council, after consulting the European Parliament, decides on the candidate presented by each country.

Procedure: Consultation

2017/0812(NLE) Belgium

2017/0813(NLE) Italy

2017/0814(NLE) Finland

2017/0815(NLE) Spain

2017/0816(NLE) Denmark

2017/0817(NLE) Portugal

2017/0818(NLE) Bulgaria

Vote:  Wednesday, 15 November