Fresh impetus for development in Africa needed  

Economic, migratory and social problems, coupled with protracted crises, require new responses and better cooperation between the African Union and the EU, says a draft resolution to be voted on Thursday.

In order to give a fresh impetus to cooperation and the development of African nations, MEPs recommend a new EU-Africa strategy stepping up European peace and security actions, offering more substantial help in combating climate change and scaling up EU support for sustainable agriculture and national education systems.

MEPs will also urge member states to live up to their promises to finance an EU trust fund but linking development aid to the respect of the rule of law, human rights and anti-corruption measures.

In July, Parliament gave its green light to an EU investment plan tackling root causes of migration in Africa, but warned that aid money must foster development and not be used to stop refugees. 

A high-level conference on Africa, hosted by the European Parliament, will take place in Brussels on 22 November in the run-up to the Africa-EU summit at the end of November in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution

Debate: Tuesday, 14 November
Vote: Thursday, 16 November

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