Protect freedom of religion and migrants’ rights 

The EU must do more to stop persecution based on religion and to guarantee migrants’ rights both in the EU and in non-EU countries, MEPs are likely to say.

On the basis of the EU annual report on human rights and democracy worldwide in 2016, MEPs are likely to call on the EU to protect migrants, refugees and asylum seekers’ rights and to promote inter-religious dialogue in its relations with non-EU countries.

They want ISIS/Daesh fighters to be prosecuted and for the UN Security Council to give the International Criminal Court (ICC) the powers to do so.

In a debate with EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, on Tuesday afternoon, Parliament will urge the EU to address human rights violations that migrants, refugees and asylum seekers face as the victims of conflicts, poverty, trafficking and smuggling networks. MEPs will call for people to be resettled and for family reunification schemes and humanitarian corridors to be set up. They will also ask for long-term solutions to tackle the external dimension of the refugee crisis, i.e. the crises which cause people to flee their homes.

MEPs may also address freedom of speech on the web, where the decisions about which content is taken down are left to private companies, and call on the EU Commission to adopt a directive to increase the transparency of takedown procedures.

The text will be put to a vote on Wednesday at 12.30.

Procedure: Non legislative resolution


Debates: Tuesday, 12 December

Votes: Wednesday, 13 December