Russia’s propaganda in the EU  

The influence of Russian propaganda on EU countries and its alleged attempts to influence elections in some EU countries through misinformation will be debated by MEPs in a topical debate on Wednesday afternoon.

MEPs were already warning in 2016 that the Kremlin had stepped up its propaganda against the EU since annexing Crimea and waging hybrid war in the Donbass. They noted, in a resolution, that ”the Russian government is employing a wide range of tools and instruments, such as think tanks [...], multilingual TV stations (e.g. Russia Today), pseudo-news agencies and multimedia services (e.g. Sputnik) [...], social media and internet trolls, to challenge democratic values, divide Europe, gather domestic support and create the perception of failed states in the EU’s eastern neighbourhood”.

To counteract propaganda, MEPs suggested strengthening the EU’s tiny “strategic communication” task force and investing more in awareness-raising, investigative journalism and information literacy.

Debate: Wednesday, 17 January

Procedure: Topical debate