Final vote on boosting energy savings for buildings in EU 

The full House will vote on new rules to ensure maximal energy efficiency of buildings in the EU by 2050.

Under the updated rules, member states would have to develop national long-term strategies to support the renovation of residential and non-residential buildings and follow a national roadmap to a highly decarbonised national building stock by 2050, including indicative milestones for 2030 and 2040.

Boosting electro-mobility, curbing emissions


The new measures would also require:

  • electro-mobility infrastructure, including cabling for recharging electric vehicles in new non-residential buildings,
  • a reference to the target to reduce emissions in the EU by 80-95% and
  • a “smart readiness indicator” tool measuring how flexible new buildings are to adapting to the needs of the occupants, reducing their energy use.



The updated directive for Energy Performance of Buildings is the first of the eight legislative proposals of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package launched in November 2016, on which EP and the Council negotiators reached a provisional agreement on 19 December, endorsed by Council in Coreper on 31 January.

Procedure Code: 2016/0381(COD)

Vote:  Tuesday, 17 April

Procedure: Co-decision (ordinary legislative procedure), first reading agreement

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