Car approvals: new EU rules to prevent further emissions cheating 

Parliament is set to endorse new “type approval” rules to guarantee that cars on the road are clean and safe.


Parliament and Council negotiators provisionally agreed in December on overhauled rules on car type approvals and checks to fix the weaknesses that allowed the emissions scandal to happen. The new rules will be put to a plenary vote on Thursday.

The regulation will strengthen European oversight over the car approval system to ensure that the updated rules are applied uniformly and effectively throughout the EU. By clarifying the responsibilities that national type approval authorities, testing centres and market surveillance bodies have, it seeks to reinforce their independence and prevent conflicts of interest.

Every EU country will be required to conduct a minimum number of checks on cars each year. The Commission will also be able to carry out tests and inspections of vehicles to verify compliance and to impose administrative fines on carmakers of up to €30 000 per non-compliant vehicle. (Art. 8, Art. 9, recital 25, Art. 90)


“Type approval” is the process whereby national authorities certify that a vehicle model meets all EU safety, environmental and production requirements before it can be placed on the market.

Debate: Wednesday, 18 April

Vote: Thursday, 19 April

Procedure: Co-decision (ordinary legislative procedure), first reading agreement