Post-2020 EU budget: MEPs to debate new proposals 

MEPs will debate fresh proposals for the EU’s post-2020 long-term budget and revenue reform with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, on Wednesday, at 13.00.

In a debate following  the presentation of the Commission’s new legislative proposals, MEPs will respond and reiterate their respective positions, voted on 14 March 2018, on the next multi-annual financial framework (MFF) and on the reform of the EU’s own resources – the expenditure and revenue sides of the EU budget after 2020.

MEPs want the next long-term budget to fund new priorities as well as modern, sustainable farming and the development of Europe’s regions. They underline that it must make up for any shortfall caused by Brexit. On the revenue side, they advocate strengthening existing own resources, such as customs duties on imports or agricultural duties and progressively introducing new ones.

MEPs have warned that “no agreement can be concluded on the MFF without corresponding headway being made on own resources”. Expenditure and revenue should thus be treated as a single package.

Next it will be the Council’s turn to agree its position on the next MFF, which requires Parliament’s consent. MEPs have called for talks with the Council and Commission to start without delay,  to try to reach an agreement before the 2019 EU elections.

Procedure: Commission statement followed by debate


Debate: Wednesday, 2 May


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