EU must help to safeguard media independence 

How to safeguard media freedom, pluralism and independence will be debated on Wednesday and put to the vote on Thursday.

MEPs will ask for more support for public service providers and investigative journalism and for an independent regulatory body to monitor and report threats against journalists.

The report also stresses the need to protect whistle-blowers and encryption-related rights, calls for the chilling effects of defamation laws to be recognised, warns against arbitrary impositions of states of emergency and insists on the opportunity to invest in digital literacy to empower citizens and online users.

To mark World Press Freedom Day on 3 May, the Parliament and the EU Commission will hold a seminar on "The situation of media and freedom of expression in Turkey" on 3/4 May. Speakers include EP President Antonio Tajani and Commissioner Johannes Hahn. Panels will focus on the following topics: "Freedom of expression: a bigger picture", "State of emergency rule and other barriers to freedom of speech", "Media independence and freedom of expression: committed civil society" and "Media independence and freedom of expression: the role of journalists".

Procedure:  Non-legislative resolution


Debate:  Wednesday, 2 May

Vote:  Thursday, 3 May

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