Tougher trade defence tools to protect EU jobs and industry - final vote 

The EU aims to combat environmental and social dumping more effectively thanks to a draft law to be debated on Tuesday and voted on Wednesday.

The EU could impose higher tariffs on dumped or subsidised imports from third countries under a new law, informally agreed by MEPs and EU ministers in December 2017, that still needs the approval of the full House.

In negotiations, MEPs also ensured that the costs to EU industry of complying with international social and environmental agreements would be reflected in the calculation of the duties.

Investigations into anti-dumping cases would  be significantly shorter and would involve trade unions, and a help desk would be set up for SMEs. 

The EU is updating its 1995 trade defence regulation to reflect the changing needs of EU  firms, workers and consumers. The proposed measures complement recently-approved anti-dumping rules focusing on third countries that interfere heavily in the economy.

Next steps

The new law will enter into force on the day after its publication in the EU Official Journal, expected in the first half of June 2018.


Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure


Debate: Tuesday, 29 May

Vote: Wednesday, 30 May

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