European Elections 2019: new distribution of EP seats  

The European Parliament should shrink from 751 to 705 MEPs when the UK leaves the EU, says a draft law to be put to the vote on Wednesday.

Besides reducing the size of the House from 751 to 705 elected representatives, the proposed re-distribution of seats, put forward by the Parliament on 7 February 2018, would also place 46 of the 73 UK seats, which will be empty after Brexit, in a reserve. The other 27 former UK seats would be distributed among the 14 EU countries that are currently slightly under-represented in the House.

Some or all of the 46 seats in the reserve could then be reallocated to new countries joining the EU in the future or simply not be filled to reduce the size of the institution. Article 14 of the Treaty on European Union states that Parliament may not exceed 751 Members, plus the President.

Proposed allocation of seats (table)

The plenary vote on Wednesday is set to be a final confirmation of the proposed seat re-distribution, which will also require a green light from EU leaders at the summit in Brussels on 28-29 June. Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee will need to approve the new composition before plenary, with a committee vote scheduled for Monday 11 June.

Procedure: consent


Vote: Wednesday, 13 June