Judicial reform in Poland: debate with Frans Timmermans 

Judicial reform in Poland will be the focus of a plenary debate with European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans on Wednesday at 15.00.

The Polish Government is carrying out a comprehensive overhaul of the judiciary, which, according to the EU Commission, threatens its independence and the principle of separation of powers. The EU Commission initiated a process in December 2017  that could end with EU sanctions against Warsaw. It has also brought infringement procedures before the European Court of Justice against some pieces of legislation.

Pro-EU Polish NGOs are now petitioning the Commission  to ask the Court for an interim order to halt the changes to the Polish Supreme Court, to take effect on 3 July, which would force a substantial number of judges into early retirement.

Parliament voted a resolution in March backing the activation of Article 7 (1) of the EU Treaty (rules on determining whether there is clear risk of a serious breach of EU values). MEPs urged EU governments to determine whether Poland is at risk of such a breach of EU values and if so, to propose solutions.

Procedure: Council and Commission statements, without resolution

Debate: Wednesday, 13 June

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