MEPs to advocate for a sustainable and competitive European aquaculture sector  

Increasing EU aquaculture production and applying the same strict criteria to both imported and EU products are likely to be MEPs’ main proposals to help strengthen the European aquaculture sector.

The potential of freshwater aquaculture to improve food security and develop rural areas in the EU has not been sufficiently explored. MEPs are set to urge that imported aquaculture products should meet the same environmental, food safety and socio-labour standards and respect for human rights as EU operators, thus creating a level-playing field for EU and imported products.

They are also likely to call for a specific label to recognise products from EU sustainable aquaculture, to ensure transparency for consumers, by reinforcing traceability.

The resolution will be debated on Monday and put to the vote on Tuesday.

Procedure:  wn-initiative procedure


Debate:  Monday, 11 June

Vote:  Tuesday, 12 June