Assessing privacy safeguards in the EU-US “Privacy Shield” data exchange deal 

The effectiveness of EU-US “Privacy Shield” data protection safeguards will be assessed in a debate with the EU Commission on Wednesday and a resolution to be voted on Thursday.

MEPs are likely to deem the privacy safeguards in the EU-US deal on transfers of personal data insufficient. They are also expected to stress the need to monitor the agreement better, in view of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data protection breach and given that both companies are certified under the Privacy Shield.


The EU-US Privacy Shield agreement enables US companies that are considered to provide adequate data protection to transfer EU citizens’ personal data from the EU to the US.

The Privacy Shield is the successor to the 2000 Safe Harbour framework, which the EU Court of Justice ruled invalid in October 2015, on the grounds that it was not strict enough to protect EU citizens’ data. The Privacy Shield deal was agreed in July 2016.

Procedure: Commission statement with a resolution


Debate: Wednesday 4 July

Vote: Thursday 5 July