Border security: final vote on new system to pre-screen visa-exempt travellers 

Non-EU nationals exempt from visa requirements will have to get authorisation before travelling to the EU, under new rules to be voted on Thursday. Travellers considered to pose a security, irregular migration or high epidemic risk would be denied access.

The new European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), already informally agreed between Parliament and Council negotiators, should be operational in 2021, and will apply to more than 60 countries and territories whose nationals can travel visa-free to the EU.

The travel authorisation will cost 7 euros and be valid for three years. The vast majority of travellers will immediately receive a positive reply after filling in the form electronically, once their data have been checked against relevant databases.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure, first reading agreement

2016/0357A(COD) and 2016/0357B(COD)

Debate: Wednesday, 4 July

Vote: Thursday, 5 July