Mobility package: vote on revamp of EU road haulage rules 

MEPs will vote on draft new rules to improve enforcement and tackle illegal practices in road transport, and on posting of drivers and drivers’ rest periods on Wednesday.

Several proposals are up for a vote on Wednesday: applying posting of workers’ rules to the road transport sector, rules to tighten up enforcement in tackling the use of letterbox companies and dodging of rules for operating in national markets and finally, a proposal to modernise drivers’ rest rules to ensure better rest conditions for drivers.

With the vote, Parliament will set out its position for negotiating with EU governments on the proposed revision of rules, which aim to improve drivers’ working conditions and ensure a level playing field for operators across the EU.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure, first reading

2017/0121(COD), 2017/0122(COD), 2017/0123(COD)

Debate: Tuesday, 3 July

Vote: Wednesday, 4 July