Superbugs: MEPs to advocate further measures to curb use of antimicrobials  

The growing threat posed by multiresistant bacteria requires EU-wide action to bring antibiotic use under control.

MEPs call on the EU Commission and member states to restrict the sale of antibiotics by human and animal health professionals, and to remove any incentives for prescribing them, in a non-binding resolution to be voted on Thursday.

The Commission should draft an EU priority pathogen list for both humans and animals, clearly setting future R&D priorities. Incentives should be created to stimulate investment in new substances, says the text.

Parliament is also working on legislation to limit the preventive and collective use of antimicrobials in animal husbandry, and empower the Commission to draw up a list of antibiotics reserved for human use.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution


Debate: Wednesday, 12 September

Vote: Thursday, 13 September