Single digital gateway: a time saver for citizens and firms  

A “single digital gateway” to help citizens and firms to do their paperwork online, e.g. to apply for study loans or register a car, will be voted on Thursday.

The single digital gateway will make it easier to find information, forms and assistance for people moving to or doing business in another EU country, but also for those staying at home.

This single entry point will be part of the “Your Europe” portal, available in all languages. It will provide access and links to national and EU web sites and web pages, in a user-friendly way, to enable users to exercise their rights and meet their obligations within the single market.

EU member states will be required to grant online access to the most important and frequently used procedures. In justified exceptional cases, member states may ask a user to appear in person for a procedural step. The information, online procedures and assistance services provided must be of high quality and accessible to users with disabilities. A user feedback tool will also be available.

The EU Commission estimates that this legislation could help EU citizens save up to 855 000 hours of their time annually and companies could save more than € 11 billion per year.

Procedure: Co-decision, 1st reading agreement


Debate: Wednesday 12 September

Vote: Thursday 13 September