EU’s judicial cooperation arm, Eurojust, to become more effective with new rules 

Updated rules to clarify the role of Eurojust and improve its effectiveness will be discussed in plenary session on Wednesday and voted on Thursday.

Eurojust, the EU’s judicial cooperation unit, facilitates cross-border investigations and prosecutions of serious crimes in the EU. The changes in the Agency’s structure, field of action and operation, including a new governance model, will enhance Eurojust's efficiency in tackling cross-border crime.

The updated rules, already agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators in June, also take into account the establishment of the European public prosecutor's office (EPPO) as well as the new rules on data protection. Furthermore, with the revision of the rules, the European Parliament and national parliaments will in future be more involved in evaluating Eurojust’s activities.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure, first reading agreement


Debate: Wednesday, 3 October

Vote: Thursday, 4 October