Improving transport conditions for animals 

Following media reports about ill-treatment of transported animals, MEPs will look into ways to improve their welfare, on Thursday.

The draft text of the non-legislative resolution, tabled for the plenary by the Parliament’s Agriculture committee, calls on EU member states to better enforce existing EU rules protecting transported animals, apply tough penalties for offenders (9) and improve transport conditions.

MEPs recommend cutting transport time as much as possible, for instance by using slaughtering facilities close to breeding places.


Every year, millions of animals are transported between member states, within member states and to non-EU countries over long distances for breeding, rearing, further fattening and slaughter.

Following media reports on ill-treatment of transported animals, the Parliament’s Conference of Presidents (EP president and political groups’ leaders) tasked the Agriculture Committee with drafting an implementation report on how EU rules are being enforced in practice.

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution

Procedure Code: 2018/2110(INI)

Debate/vote: Thursday, 14 February