Other topics on the agenda 

Other topics for debate and vote include the following:

  • MFF 2021-27: European Solidarity Corps programme, Sojdrova (COD, 1st reading without agreement) Debate Mon, vote Tue
  • EU-Afghanistan cooperation agreement, Fotyga, debate Tue, vote Wed MFF 2021-27:
  • Migration, Asylum, border management and internal security funds, Dalli, (COD, 1st reading without agreement), debate Tue, vote Wed
  • Port reception facilities, Meissner (COD, agreement), vote Thu
  • Combatting fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash payment means, Kaufmann (COD), debate Tue, vote Wed
  • Guidelines for the 2020 Budget, Hohlmeier, debate Tue, vote Wed
  • Establishing the European Monetary Fund, Silva Pereira, Manka (Consent), debate Wed, vote Thu
  • Saveguarding competition in air transport, Pieper (COD), debate Wed, vote Thu
  • Annual strategic report on the implementation and delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals, Theocharous, Gambus,, debate Thu, vote Thu,