Climate action: EU’s roadmap to 2050 

MEPs will debate the long-term reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions with the Council and Commission, and adopt a resolution on Thursday.

The debate will focus on the recent communication from the European Commission that set out possible policy scenarios for the EU to implement the Paris agreement. MEPs will then adopt a resolution giving their recommendations.

The European Council will also adopt the strategy later this year.


Parties signed to the Paris Agreement are invited to communicate, by 2020, their mid-century, long-term, low GHG emission development strategies. In the Communication “A Clean Planet for all,” adopted on 28 November, the Commission presented its strategic, long-term vision for a climate-neutral economy by 2050, including eight possible pathways.

This debate should allow the EU to adopt and submit an ambitious strategy, by 2020, to the UNFCCC, as well as setting out the EU's future climate and energy policy.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution

Procedure Code: 2018/2974(RSP), 2019/2544(RSP)

Specialist: Baptiste / Thomas

Debate: Wednesday 13 March

Vote: Thursday, 14 March