European Border and Coast Guard: Final vote on 10 000 strong standing corps 

New measures strengthening the European Border and Coast Guard will be discussed in plenary on Wednesday and put to the vote the same day.

The changes to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) aim to resolve the current shortcomings and better respond to the present needs in security and migration.

A new standing corps will be set up to support EU countries on the ground in border control and return tasks as well as in the fight against cross-border crime, as part of the changes being made to the agency. Starting with 5 000 operational staff in 2021, the standing corps would be fully operational by 2027 with 10 000 staff. It would also include a rapid reaction pool for deployment in emergencies.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure


Debate/vote: Wednesday, 17 April

Press conference: Wednesday, 17 April at 16.30 with the rapporteur and Commissioner Avramopoulos (TBC)