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The situation of refugees on the Greek islands 

As winter approaches, MEPs will assess the situation facing those stuck on the Greek islands and in Bosnia, in a debate with Council and Commission on Thursday.

 According to UNHCR, there are still more than 30.000 migrants and refugees on the Aegean islands. Despite significantly fewer arrivals and the efforts of the Greek authorities to alleviate pressure on the hotspots, camps like the one in Moria (Lesvos) are permanently overcrowded.

Many MEPs fear the already dire conditions in the refugee camps will deteriorate further as the weather worsens. They are likely to call on EU member states to show solidarity with Greece and offer relocation places for the asylum-seekers stuck on the islands.

Asylum-seekers at the Croatian-Bosnian border

Prior to discussing the situation in Greece, MEPs will address with the Commission and the Council what is happening in Bosnia, and in particular in the refugee camp in Bihać, where thousands of asylum-seekers are held in overcrowded conditions after being expelled or not allowed into EU territory by the Croatian police.

MEPs are set to call on the European Commission to delve into the allegations of police brutality and to make sure that refugees receive adequate humanitarian aid.

Council and Commission statements, without resolution

Debate: Thursday, 14 November