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MEPs to oppose plans to authorise four herbicide-resistant GMOs 

On Thursday, Parliament is set to oppose plans to authorise import of products containing four glyphosate- and glufosinate ammonium-resistant GMOs.

 MEPs are expected to call on the Commission to withdraw its draft implementing decisions on products with four types of genetically modified organisms - soybean, cotton and maize - in four separate non-binding resolutions.

These GMOs are tolerant to glyphosate-based and glufosinate ammonium-based herbicides. MEPs say that a number of studies show that such GM crops result in a higher use of weed killers. The crop may be exposed to repeated doses of weed killer, potentially leading to a higher quantity of residue in the harvest, they say.

In draft resolutions accompanying the objections, MEPs are expected to criticise the Commission for continuing to authorise GMOs, in spite of a lack of support from member states and numerous objections from the European Parliament. For many MEPs, it is unacceptable that the exception is becoming the norm.

Procedure: Objections (Rule 112); non-binding resolutions

Vote: Thursday, 14 November