Cross-border and seasonal workers: MEPs to push for better working conditions 

Parliament wants equal treatment and protection from COVID-19 for cross-border and seasonal workers, as set out in a resolution to be put to the vote on Friday.

MEPs will vote on a resolution calling for EU legislation to be correctly implemented in order to enforce the right to equal pay for equal work at the same place, including through national and cross-border concerted and joint labour inspections.

The draft resolution also urges member states to swiftly adopt a balanced revision of EU legislation on the coordination of social security systems. Furthermore, MEPs call on the Commission to issue guidelines for cross border and seasonal workers in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, specifically with regard to free and fair movement, decent housing, applicable working and employment conditions and health and safety requirements.


With regard to EU legislation regulating different aspects of mobility, including free movement, posting of workers and social security coordination, the European Commission has issued guidelines to ensure that mobile workers within the EU who qualify as critical workers in the fight against COVID-19 can reach their workplace. The agri-food sector is included in these guidelines as a key sector highly dependent on seasonal workers.

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution


Debate: Thursday, 18 June

Vote: Friday, 19 June