Final vote on extending deadlines for European Citizens’ Initiatives 

After a swift trilogue and committee approval, the Commission proposal to extend ECI deadlines, including Parliament-driven improvements, will be approved on Thursday.

The new legislation will retroactively extend time limits to collect, verify and examine European Citizens’ Initiatives affected by COVID-19. Following the European Parliament’s adoption of improvements on the original Commission proposal, negotiators from the three EU institutions reached an informal agreement on 25 June, largely based on Parliament’s position.

Parliament’s proposed improvements focused on allowing the temporary measures to be extended upon approval by only a quarter of EU countries if the situation remains difficult in September. ECI organisers will now also be able to participate remotely in hearings or meetings.


Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure, first reading


Vote: Thursday, 9 July, 14:30 - 15:45, (results expected at 18:15)