MEPs to call for measures to tackle impact of COVID-19-outbreak on care homes 

Alarmed by the high number of COVID-19-related infections and deaths in long-term care facilities, MEPs will call for EU long-term care provisions to be reviewed.

 In a debate with the Commission and Council on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on long-term care facilities, MEPs are expected to call for lessons to be learned from the tragedy that Europe has experienced.

COVID-19-related deaths in care homes represent 30-60% of all COVID-19-related deaths in a number of member states. This must be examined not only for the health and safety of these vulnerable groups, but also for the sake of staff working in long-term care facilities, who are particularly exposed.

A cross-party group of MEPs has called for a European investigation into how the COVID-19 pandemic has been managed in the long-term care sector “with all the means at our disposal, in order to have comprehensive data in front of us and to identify political and management responsibilities, so that we can change course immediately.”


In Belgium, data recorded up to 17 May 2020 showed that 51% of the 9 052 COVID-19-related fatal cases were reported from long-term care facilities. In France, 50 % of all COVID-19-related deaths between 1 March and 11 May 2020 occurred in long-term care facilities. Spain reported that 66% of all fatal cases linked to COVID-19 recorded until 11 May were care-home residents. Germany reported that 37% of all deaths related to COVID-19 recorded until 17 May were linked to institutions caring for elderly people.

Council and Commission statements, without resolution

Debate: Thursday, 8 October