COVID-19 vaccines: MEPs to debate recent developments 

MEPs are likely to reiterate the need for more clarity and transparency regarding vaccine contracts, authorisation, availability and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines.

In the plenary debate on Tuesday morning at 08.30, MEPs are expected to ask for additional clarification on the present status of the EU vaccines strategy for COVID-19, launched by the Commission in June 2020.

In a recent exchange of views with the Commission, MEPs from the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee blamed a lack of transparency for fuelling uncertainty and disinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccination in Europe.


On 22 September 2020, Parliament held a public hearing on “How to secure access to COVID-19 vaccines for EU citizens: clinical trials, production and distribution challenges”. During the Plenary session in December 2020, Parliament expressed support for the speedy authorisation of safe vaccines and on 12 January 2021, MEPs quizzed the Commission on the latest developments regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

Procedure: debate on a topical matter

Debate: Tuesday, 19 January