Human trafficking: stronger measures to protect women, children and migrants 

MEPs call on the EU to do more to tackle human trafficking and push for the demand and use of victims’ sexual services to be criminalised.

The draft report, prepared jointly by the Civil Liberties and Gender Equality committees, will be debated on Monday and put to the vote on Tuesday, with results announced on Wednesday morning. It highlights the need to better protect women and children, as well as asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants.

In their assessment of the 2011 EU Anti-trafficking Directive, MEPs focus on sexual exploitation and demand that the Commission amends the directive so that member states explicitly criminalise the “knowing use of services” provided by victims of trafficking.

The draft text warns that since the outbreak of COVID-19, the situation for victims of trafficking has greatly deteriorated. It also considers the role of the internet, social media and new technologies both in facilitating trafficking but also in helping to prevent it.

Procedure: own-initiative report


Debate: Monday, 8 February,

Vote: Tuesday 9 February, result Wednesday 10 February