Children’s rights: ensure right to education, fight poverty and abuse, say MEPs 

EU member states should invest more in education, healthcare, housing, family support and childcare, and ensure that these services reach all children.

MEPs will quiz the Commission on Wednesday on the future EU strategy on children’s rights before voting on a resolution on Thursday. The draft text prepared by the Civil Liberties Committee warns of the huge toll that the COVID-19 crisis is taking on children. It is further exacerbating the risk of poverty, severely affecting their access to education, compromising their physical and mental health and increasing the danger of being subjected to violence and abuse.

The need to protect migrant and refugee children, especially unaccompanied ones, guaranteeing the right to education for all children, including Roma and children with disabilities, and the urgent need to adopt measures to fight child sexual abuse on- and off-line are also likely to be raised by MEPs.

Procedure: oral question to the Commission, with resolution


Debate: Wednesday, 10 March

Vote and results: Thursday, 11 March