MEPs expected to seek an end to remaining geo-blocking restrictions 

Even though EU rules to stop unjustified geo-blocking have applied for over two years, many problems persist, say MEPs, who will discuss the way forward on Thursday.

Following the first evaluation of the Geo-Blocking Regulation, Parliament will seek answers from the European Commission on the remaining restrictions on the sale of goods and services within the EU due to a shopper’s geographic location. MEPs are expected to highlight the significant delays in implementing the rules and to say that the limitations on delivering shopping for geographical reasons still affect many consumers attempting to shop cross-border.

MEPs are also set to underline that the demand for cross-border access to audiovisual services is growing rapidly, yet this is one of the main areas where geo-blocking still continues. Audiovisual services are currently not included in the Geo-Blocking Regulation, thus MEPs will ask the Commission how this problem can be solved.

Procedure: Question for oral answer without resolution

Debate: Thursday