Parliament set to declare the EU an ‘‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’’ 

In a debate on Wednesday and a vote on Thursday , MEPs are expected to call for the EU to be an ‘‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’’, in response to ‘‘LGBTIQ-free zones’’ in Poland.

Two years after the first Polish county declared itself ‘‘free of LGBTIQ ideology’’, followed by dozens of other counties, municipalities and regions since then, Parliament is set to declare the EU an ‘‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’’, stressing that any type of discrimination against LGBTIQ persons is in clear breach of European fundamental values.

In a resolution adopted in December 2019, MEPs strongly condemned the establishment of ‘‘LGBTI-free zones’’ in Poland, as well as all types of attacks in other member states on LGBTI rights.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution


Debate: Wednesday, 10 March

Vote and results: Thursday, 11 March