Parliament to call for measures to urgently reduce marine litter 

To reduce ocean waste, MEPs are set to call for more restrictions on single-use plastics and sustainable materials specially designed for fishing gear.

In a report to be adopted on Thursday, MEPs are set to stress that marine litter, and especially micro and nano plastic, “poses a serious threat to a number of marine animal species”, as well as to fishermen and consumers. The text highlights that an average consumer of Mediterranean shellfish ingests around 11 000 fragments of plastic every year. The fishing sector is estimated to lose between 1 and 5% of its revenue because of marine pollution.

The fisheries sector should boost the circular economy by collecting, recycling, upcycling and finding a better design for fishing gear, Parliament is expected to say. Fisheries and aquaculture waste accounts for 27% of marine litter, MEPs add, and only 1.5% of fishing gear is currently recycled.

Procedure: Own Initiative Report


Debate: Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Vote result: Thursday, 25 March